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Tapas Yoga Hk (Tsuen Wan) Teacher - May

Yoga Teacher Introduction - May

Tapas Yoga Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Yoga 一念瑜伽 荃灣瑜伽 Teacher
Introduction to May, teacher of Tapas Yoga HK Studio (Tsuen Wan).

May is a yoga instructor who specializes in aerial yoga. A friend recommended aerial yoga to her since she found the lessons pleasant and entertaining, and she was able to quickly relax her tension and improve her hunchback.

Although aerial yoga and mat yoga appear to be two separate classes, they are actually complementary. Aerial yoga improves strength and coordination, and hammock stretches are easier to attain than ground stretches.

Let's "fly" together! Aerial Yoga Basic is appropriate for students of all abilities and offers a relaxing atmosphere, so let's "fly" together!

Lesson Taught: Aerial Yoga Basics.

Tapas Yoga HK 一念瑜伽(荃灣)瑜伽老師 - May老師的簡介。



基礎空中瑜伽適合所有level 的學生,課堂氣氛輕鬆 ,我們一起「飛翔」吧!

任教課堂包括 基礎空中瑜伽。

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Contact Information

Address: Units 05, 19/F, 99 Plaza No. 99 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan

Phone: +852 54700838

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Tapas Yoga Studio Google Map

Tapas Yoga Studio Location:
99 Plaza No. 99 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Public transport options:
West Rail Line's Tsuen Wan West Station, Metro Tsuen Wan Station, buses, minibuses

Tapas Yoga Tsuen Wan

一念瑜伽 - 荃灣

- A yoga studio located in Unit 05, 19/F, 99 Plaza Tsuen Wan Hong Kong.

- Varieties of Yoga Styles.

- Private Yoga studio.

- RYT 200, RYT 300 and RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers.

- Courses: Ashtanga Yoga , Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Yoga Stretch, Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, vinyasa Yoga, Yoga threapy, Core Yoga, Aerial Yoga

What and why is Tapas?

Tapas are the third of the niyama (personal observances) from Ashtanga Yoga (Eight Limbs Yoga) in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Tapas is based on the Sanskrit root word Tap (तप्) meaning "to heat, to give out warmth, to shine, to burn".

Tapas has been variously translated from Sanskrit into English as heat, austerities, discipline and internal fire.

These translations give meaning that ignites a inner fire inside your heart to burn out the obstacles we encounter in the journey of yoga practice or in our own life.

The Yoga Sutras also explain that through tapas, mental impurities are eliminated and the union of the body, mind and soul can be achieved.

"Life without tapas is like a heart without love.” – BKS Iyengar

We believe keeping an inner fire, not just motivate and discipline us from achieving our life goal, but also give out warmth and love to the people around us and the one we care.

What and why is "一念瑜伽"?

In a busy life, Hong Kong people work long hours everday and are accustomed to multi-tasking. They handle several things at the same time and the rhythm of life is fast. They carry heavy work pressure every day when they go to and from work. They always thinks about the "past" and "future", and often ignore the moment of 'now'.

From the structure of the word, the word "念" is formed by the combination of "今" (which means now) and "心" (which means mind). And we founded TAPAS YOGA STUDIO (一念瑜伽), not to train students to do seemingly difficult and difficult movements, but to hope that through the breathing method and practice of yoga, they can practice without confusion and cooperate in breathing and movement let's bring the mind to "the moment". Over time, I hope that they can practice and master "一念" from TAPAS YOGA STUDIO (一念瑜伽), extend "一念" from the practice on the yoga mat to their lives, and live well in the present.